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For First Timers

Welcome to your first day on the mountain! Look below to find what you need to know before you start sliding on snow, from how to prepare, mountain safety and how to rent the proper gear.

Lessons are available on the mountain every day and are a good idea for any level of skier or rider, so stop by the Snowsport School window in the Porcupine Lodge or call (907) 790-2000 x211 for more information.

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Mountain Safety

Stay safe on the mountain by following the Responsibility Code

  1. Always stay in control! Be able to stop and avoid all other people and objects
  2. Those ahead of you have the right of way
  3. Do not stop where you are obstruct a trail or are not visible from above
  4. Look uphill and yield to others when starting downhill or merging onto a trail
  5. Always use devices to prevent run away equipment
  6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep out of closed trails and out of closed areas
  7. Have ability and skill to load, ride and unload Chairlift before use

Preparing for a Day on the Mountain

-Make sure to do your research and have a game plan

-Be sure to get plenty of rest and be ready for an active day

-Have a good breakfast and bring lots of snacks with you

-Dress in layers! Wear long underwear, insulating layers and waterproof outerwear

-Check all your gear before you leave and when you get to the mountain

-Backpack or bag with all gear

-Multiple extra layers

-Food and snacks


-Googles, gloves, mittens, extra socks and snowpants

-Money for Eaglecrest Grill or Retail if needed

Gear Rental

Snowsport helmets are essential as they are insulated for cold weather and provide coverage and impact protection. Be sure the helmet you choose meets the current snowsports helmet design standards and find more information at

You can rent ski, snowboard and classic Nordic equipment at the Porcupine lodge. Rentals can be purchased at the Ticket Window, and the rental shop technicians will assist you with the proper fit and equipment for each activity.

Be careful when purchasing gear or borrowing equipment from friends or family.

When you first start out as gear that is not suited to your body and skill specifications, it will hinder your progress and can be dangerous. Beware of things like fit, sizing, release settings and outdated gear.


Lessons are a great opportunity to learn valuable skills with the support of a certified ski or snowboard instructors. New skiers will learn how to balance, slide, stop and turn as well as goals specifically tailored for your needs. Instructors will also teach you the newest techniques and can guide you around the mountain safely.

Adaptive Lessons
Nordic Lessons
Daily Lessons
Adult Multi-Day Programs
Youth Multi-Day Programs


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Bowl Status

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Lift Status

Porcupine Chairlift: CLOSED
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Updates from the Mountain

All good things eventually have to come to an end and the ski season is no exception. Eaglecrest is now closed for the 2017-2018 season. We would like to thank the entire community for a good season and your ongoing support this winter. Enjoy your spring/summer and we hope to see you back on the mountain soon!

Hikers are urged to use caution as you may encounter snow cats, snow mobiles and other machinery on the mountain at any time.